Vessel Info

Vessel Info

The original Lucky Catch is a 37 ft. Maine built fiberglass lobsterboat designed to be smooth and stable on ocean waters. Built in 1983 for the sole purpose of commercial lobstering, the Lucky Catch didn’t carry her first paying customers until 1997. Now operating from Memorial Day until Columbus Day she is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed vessel equipped to carry 26 passengers comfortably and safely around Casco Bay, although to ensure an unforgettable and uncrowded lobstering experience each cruise is limited to just fourteen passengers.

 The Original Lucky Catch is equipped with:


Life Jackets for all passengers, Manual and Automatic,
Fire Fighting Systems, Life Ring / Distress Flares,
VHF Marine, Radio / Radar, Sonar/ GPS


In December 2007 we launched the new 40 ft. Lucky Catch, built by SW Boatworks near Bar Harbor, Maine. The new boat will carry passengers from mid June until mid September and will lobster commercially the remainder of the year. Even with more space we’re still committed to keeping passenger numbers low to provide an interactive and ecucational lobstering excursion for everyone onboard.

The NEW Lucky Catch is equipped with:



Manual and Automatic  Fire Fighting Systems, Life Ring / Distress Flares, 2 VHF Marine Radio / Radar, Sonar/ GPS / EPIRB

Chart Plotter/ GPS